Administrative Manual — Recruitment of Jointly Appointed Faculty

When the Secondary Unit is Known at the Start of the Search

If two units agree to search for a jointly appointed faculty member, the allocation letter signed by the Dean is addressed to both DEOs.  The respective DEOs should meet to discuss:

  • The makeup of the search committee.
  • The new faculty member’s rights and duties in the secondary department, such as voting, student committee membership, service load, and teaching load/assignments.
  • Whether the new faculty member will have office space in the secondary unit (specify the room, if possible).
  • The secondary unit’s contribution to moving expenses.
  • The secondary unit’s contribution to start-up costs.
  • A model itinerary for the interview process; specifically, how candidates will meet effectively with faculty and students from the secondary unit.

The DEOs of both units must approve all of the necessary workflow forms at all stages of the search.

The names of both DEOs must appear on the draft offer letter submitted to Dean Curto, and both DEOs must sign the actual offer letter.

When a Secondary Unit is Identified During the Search

If a search committee recommends a candidate for an interview for whom a secondary appointment seems a reasonable possibility, the likely secondary unit or units must participate in the on-campus interviews.

The procedures for submitting the Search and Selection Form and for extending the offer are the same as for a joint search.