Administrative Manual — End of Faculty Appointment

Notifying the College

Terminations of faculty appointments are done when the department receives written confirmation of the date of a faculty resignation or retirement, when a limited-term appointment ends, and when a faculty member dies. Whenever any of these events occurs, the department works with their HR representative to generate a Termination form using the HR Web Transaction System. This procedure applies to all faculty appointments, whether tenure-track or non-tenure-track, visiting, adjunct, lecturer, emeritus, full-time, part-time, or unsalaried.

In the case of a resignation of a tenure-track or tenured faculty member, the notice of resignation should be sent to the Area Associate Dean. The Office of the Dean formally accepts the resignation and notifies the Office of the Provost that the appointment has been terminated.

Phased Retirement Program

Read a brief description of the phased retirement program.

The Dean and Provost must approve the phased retirement plan negotiated between the DEO and the faculty member. Before approving an application for phased retirement, the DEO should discuss with their Area Associate Dean how the phasing agreement would affect the department’s ability to fulfill its teaching mission.

Emeritus Faculty

Read a brief description of emeritus faculty status. Emeritus faculty may be re-hired by the department, on a part-time basis, to teach departmental courses.