Administrative Manual — Appointment Forms & Reappointments

Graduate Assistant Appointment Paperwork

To appoint a graduate assistant, the department enters the appointment into the HR Transaction System, which will be routed electronically to the required signatures.

A graduate student who will be teaching must be appointed as a teaching assistant and not at another academic rank, such as instructor, lecturer, or assistant in instruction. This limitation holds for both departmental courses and courses offered through the Center for Credit Programs.

The appointment must be finalized by the payroll cutoff day of the month in which the appointment takes effect (usually the 15th of the month), to ensure that the appointee receives payment on the first day of the following month.

Reappointments for Academic Year

Reappointments of graduate assistants for the upcoming academic year should be done before August 1 by using the Graduate Assistant Reappointment process under the HR Online Update tab, located within the Self Service portal.

Graduate assistants who held an appointment in another department in the previous academic year are considered reappointments. However, the new department will not automatically have access to the graduate assistant's record on the HR Web Data Access Applications. The new department should ask the previous department to change the graduate student's position code on the data access applications to reflect the new department. The new department will then have access to the graduate assistant's record and can complete the reappointment.

Termination of Appointment

Graduate assistant appointments are terminated at the end of the appointment only if the graduate assistant will not be reappointed. If the graduate assistant is to be appointed in another department, his or her current appointment should not be terminated. Terminations are done through the HR Web Transaction System.

If a graduate assistant is terminated during the term of their appointment, the termination form must be ad hoc'd to Associate Dean Christine Getz for approval before going to HR.