Admin Manual — Support for Faculty Travel

Collegiate Travel Allocation

Early in the fall semester, every department receives an annual allocation for faculty travel. This allocation exhausts all collegiate funds budgeted for faculty travel. Further collegiate support can be extended only in truly exceptional circumstances.

The department determines the criteria for distributing the travel monies and the procedures the faculty will follow in applying for travel monies. The monies may be used only for professional travel by faculty.

In the monthly financial reports issued by the Business Office, the collegiate travel allocation and expenditures from it are listed under organizational account number 200. The DEO devises a suitable method for tracking and staying within the allocation.

Other Sources of Travel Funding

The Faculty Funding page of the College's research website contains links to intramural research grant programs that support activities related to research projects, including travel. In particular, the International Programs offers funding opportunities for faculty travel, and funds from Internal Funding Initiatives offered by the Office of the Vice President for Research may be used for research travel.

Organizational account number 900 and/or a special program number assigned by the Office of the Vice President for Research is used in the MFK for expenditures from awards made by that office. An organizational account number in the 900-949 range is used in the MFK for expenditures from International Travel Fund awards.