Admin Manual — Faculty and Staff Salary Budget

Departmental Budget Report

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the DEO receives from the Office of the Dean a report of the department's salary allocation for the current fiscal year. The departmental budget report lists the names of all faculty members, P&S staff, and Merit staff paid from the department's salary allocation, plus total fringe benefits.

Salary Increases for Faculty and P&S Staff

Early in the spring semester, the College offers a workshop on "Faculty Salary Increments" for DEOs and chairs of departmental salary committees. In February, Dean Djalali sends the DEO a salary budget worksheet that lists the current salaries of continuing faculty and staff and the proposed salaries of faculty who have been newly appointed for the next academic year. The DEO enters proposed salary increments for continuing faculty and P&S staff on this worksheet, in accordance with a budget and budget guidelines provided by the Dean. Increases for Merit staff are made under the rules of the Regents Merit System.

The DEO is responsible for the departmental recommendation for salary increments, although in many departments faculty committees advise on these recommendations. In addition to assigning merit salary increases, the DEO considers the issues of equity, salary compression or inversion, and competition. In March or April, the DEO discusses the salary recommendations with Dean Djalali in a salary conference. The Dean informs the DEO in May or June of the salary recommendations made to the Provost and asks the DEO to notify the departmental faculty of their recommended salaries.