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About Amplify UI

Amplify UI is a way for CLAS faculty, students, and staff to digitally share their DEI-related work—in their own voices—with the CLAS and UI community.

If you are an individual or group who conducts research, makes art, or practices teaching that explores, promotes, and reflects the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, please consider submitting a piece to Amplify UI for consideration. All submissions will be considered by the CLAS DEI Committee.

Video, photography, audio, graphic design and text, and combinations thereof, are welcome, as are class projects. Possibilities include pieces telling us about your research or pedagogical innovations; a video or mp3 of a performance; an image gallery of paintings or photos; or creative or academic writing. We are eager to see Amplify UI grow and develop. Submit work for consideration.

Monuments and Memory: Anny-Dominique Curtius

Anny-Dominique Curtius, University of Iowa As the author of an upcoming book, Unshackling the Memory of Slavery: the Ecodialectics of Landscape and Seascape Memorials, Anny-Dominique Curtius is an expert on the powerful symbolism of toppling statues in times of political and social upheaval around the world. Her book examines memorials grounded in seascape and landscape in the US, France, the Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean, and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Her findings resonate in today’s world, as protesters tear down statues of figures linked to racism, slavery, and the American confederacy. Professor Curtius argues that such monuments encapsulate an entangled history, and also interrogate and challenge the traditional definition of memorials, museums, and archives. She wrote this piece for Amplify UI.


VIDEO: Addressing Equity in the Classroom Setting During Times of Change: Tools for Faculty

zoom screenshot of panelIn the wake of the sudden changes in teaching during spring 2020 and the continued uncertainties that are accompanying the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, attention to equity in the student experience is paramount. This panel discussion examined how equity issues in the learning environment adversely impact the student experience in and out of the classroom. Additionally, it provides tools for faculty to ensure more equitable learning experiences for students. The panel is moderated by Teresa Mangum (English; Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies; Obermann Center) and the panelists are Cornelia Lang (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education: Physics and Astronomy), Deborah Whaley (American Studies; African American Studies), Lina-Maria Murillo (History; Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies), Carolina Herrera (undergraduate; Iowa Edge Peer Leader), Nick Creary (Center for Diversity and Enrichment), Sara Nasrollahian Mojarad (Center for Teaching).