Undergraduate Program

Students seated in lecture auditorium.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and Hearing Science primarily prepares students for continued study in a graduate program or professional school. A master's degree in speech-language pathology or a clinical doctorate in audiology is required for professional certification and licensure in these professions. Thus, the undergraduate program at Iowa is designed to build strong foundational knowledge of normal processes of speech, hearing, and language; this groundwork not only prepares students for success in graduate programs, but for their entire professional careers as clinicians or researchers.

According to exit surveys of our graduates earning a bachelor's degree in speech and hearing science, about 90 percent enroll in graduate programs in communication sciences and disorders, either at the University of Iowa or in other programs. Others have sought additional training in professions such as law, medicine, or developmental psychology.

Other helpful information is on the New Student Services website and in a downloadable brochure.

Currently, there are approximately 300 students enrolled as speech and hearing science majors at Iowa. One undergraduate major recently remarked,

“It is my dream to work with many different types of people in efforts to help not only them, but also their families. It is one of the most amazing and rewarding feelings to know you are getting an education that will help other people and potentially change their lives.”