Language, Speech, and Movement Laboratory

Meredith Saletta, PhD, Director

The Language, Speech, and Movement Laboratory features an optotrak motion-capture system designed to track speech movement. This enhances Dr. Saletta's research, which focuses on the multifaceted ways in which language and cognition interact with speech, balance, and other motor skills.  Her research program aims at using production-based methodologies, including language and phonetic transcription and articulatory kinematics, in order to investigate this interaction.  Her works have addressed the same underlying question in very diverse populations, including adults with Parkinson’s disease or dyslexia, and children with specific language impairment or typical development.   Most recently, she has examined how individuals with reading difficulties repeat and read aloud made-up words which vary in modality (i.e., listening versus reading) and orthographic transparency (i.e., consistent versus inconsistent spelling).