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To learn more about specific research labs within the Department, select from the list at left. Note: some lab websites are large and lead you to external links. After reading the material, simply close the browser window to return to this page.

Research opportunities for students

Undergraduate Research Practicum: This is a formal course registration (3:096) that is available to any student. It involves assisting faculty with their research and has at least two purposes. From the student's point of view it provides a unique opportunity to learn about research in our discipline. From the faculty member's point of view, it provides welcome assistance in his/her research.

Please note that this is not intended to give students the opportunity to pursue independent study. If this is your goal, then registration in 3:186 (Problems) is more appropriate.

To register for this course, go to the Departmental Office (Room 119 WJSHC) and ask to see the 3:096 notebook. It contains a list of professors, a description of their research projects, and what is expected of students who participate through 3:096. You can either contact a professor directly or fill out an application indicating your preferences. If you choose the latter, a professor will contact you. You must have a professor's permission to register for 3:096.

Graduate Research: Research is a critical part of graduate education. Research carried out by the faculty advances knowledge in general and allows new facts and ideas to be brought to the classroom and clinic. Student research is encouraged at both the master's and the doctoral degree levels.

Active research programs exist at The University of Iowa in all major areas of speech and hearing. Individual laboratories are maintained in the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center for the study of auditory physiology, auditory rehabilitation, clinical experimental and medical audiology, language disorders and intervention, neurology of speech and language, psychoacoustics, psycholinguistics, speech physiology, stuttering, and voice acoustics and biomechanics.