Department Chair & Administrator


List of Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Faculty
Name Phone E-mail Office

Carolyn J. Brown

Professor / Director of AuD studies

(319) 335-8734

127-B SHC

Karen N. Bryant

Clinical Associate Professor / Clinic Director

(319) 335-8207 (WJSHC) | (319) 384-6620 (UIHC)

116-B SHC

Inyong Choi

Assistant Professor

(319) 335-8725

125-A SHC

Kelly Schmidt Clay


(319) 384-4702

121-D SHC

Krista Davidson

Clinical Associate Professor

(319) 335-8698

122-A SHC

Jennifer DiVita

Clinical Supervisor

(319) 335-4841

120-A SHC

Ann Fennell

Clinical Associate Professor

(319) 335-8727

334-B SHC

Eileen Finnegan

Associate Professor / Director of MA/SLP Studies

(319) 335-8717

127-D SHC

Stephanie Fleckenstein

Clinical Assistant Professor

(319) 335-8755

120-D SHC

Kate Gfeller

Professor; Joint appointment, School of Music

(319) 335-1657

21035 PFP

Shawn Goodman

Associate Professor / Director of Undergraduate Studies

(319) 335-8700

127-A SHC

Jean K. Gordon

Associate Professor

(319) 335-8729

334-D SHC

Danielle Kelsay

Clinical Associate Professor / Director of Clinical Education (AuD)

(319) 335-8754

122-E SHC

Bob McMurray

Associate Professor; Joint appointment: Department of Psychology

(319) 335-0191

E218 Seashore Hall

Jerald Moon

Professor / Director of Graduate Studies

(319) 335-8722

119 SHC

Diane Niebuhr

Clinical Associate Professor

(319) 335-8743

122-C SHC

Meredith Saletta

Assistant Professor

(319) 335-8730

121-B SHC

Anu Subramanian

Clinical Associate Professor / Director of Clinical Education (SLP)

(319) 335-8694

120-F SHC

Ingo Titze

Professor; Joint appointment: School of Music

(319) 335-6600

330 SHC

Rich Tyler

Professor; Joint Appointment: Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

(319) 356-2471

21167 PFP

Elizabeth Walker

Assistant Professor

(319) 353-8980

125-B SHC

Anne Wallace

Clinical Associate Professor

(319) 335-8702

122-B SHC

Yu-Hsiang Wu

Associate Professor

(319) 335-8728

125-C SHC

Emeritus Faculty

List of Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Emeritus Faculty
Name Phone E-mail

Paul Abbas

Professor Emeritus

Charles Anderson

Associate Professor Emeritus

Ruth Bentler

Professor Emeritus

Toni Cilek

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

Penelope Hall

Associate Professor Emeritus

Lenore Holte

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Richard Hurtig

Professor Emeritus

Michael Karnell

Associate Professor Emeritus

Linda Louko

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

Erich Luschei

Professor Emeritus

Karla McGregor

Professor Emeritus

Hughlett Morris

Professor Emeritus

Arnold Small

Professor Emeritus

J. Bruce Tomblin

Professor Emeritus

Christopher Turner

Professor Emeritus

Duane Van Demark

Professor Emeritus

Patricia Zebrowski

Professor Emeritus


List of Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Staff
Name Phone E-mail Office

Ignacio Alvarez

CLAS Senior Academic Advisor

(319) 335-4904

E225-D Chemistry Building

Meggie Dallapiazza

Research Specialist / Audiologist

(319) 335-6851


Wendy Fick

Research Associate

(319) 335-8749


Danielle Garvey

Clinic Schedule Coordinator

(319) 335-8736

116 SHC

Julie K. Jones

Department Administrator

(319) 335-8720

119 SHC

Cleo McConnell

Revenue Cycle Representative

(319) 335-8703

116 SHC

Marlea O'Brien

Research Support Manager

(319) 335-6618


Julie Ostrem

Communications Specialist

(319) 335-6602

334-E SHC

Trent Petersen

IT Support Consultant

(319) 353-3616

115 SHC

Elizabeth Stangl

Research Associate / Audiologist

(319) 335-9758

327 SHC

John A. Williams

Administrative Services Coordinator

(319) 335-8718

119 SHC

Mary Jo Yotty

DEO Secretary / Graduate Admissions Coordinator

(319) 335-8719

119 SHC