Fluency therapy for kids and teens who stutter

Due to continued health and safety concerns, the UISPEAKS Camp is canceled for Summer 2021. However, outpatient fluency speech therapy sessions are available for children and teens who stutter.

Anu Subramanian, Clinical Coordinator 

UISPEAKS (University of Iowa Summer Program to Educate Adolescents and Kids who Stutter) offers a summer daycamp for children ages 7-17 who stutter. Smaller groups based on age and interests will be created for group activities. 

The camp is held at the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic on the west side of the University of Iowa campus. 

Our over-arching goal for the program is to help campers to: 
• Explore what stuttering is, and what it is not 
• Become aware of their own unique way of stuttering 
• Engage in group settings with others who stutter and learn to talk openly about their speech 
• Make decisions about what changes they would like to make in either speaking or stuttering, or both 
• Provide opportunities for speaking in a variety of communication situations. 

For more information, contact  

Anu Subramanian, PhD, CCC-SLP 
(319) 335-8694 
Email anu-subramanian@uiowa.edu