Support Groups and Other Resources

Group treatment programs emphasize the facilitation of communication in natural situations, and provide social support for people with communication disorders and their friends and family.

The MAGIC (Modalities Aphasia Group – Improving Communication) group meets Thursday evenings at the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center. The Fall 2019 MAGIC flyer has meeting dates and other details. The goal of this group is to provide support and education to individuals with aphasia and their family members. Participants with aphasia will also have an opportunity to practice their communication skills.

Jocelen Hamilton and graduate students in the speech-language pathology program facilitate the MAGIC group.

MAGIC group
The MAGIC group's activities include games, discussions, and egg-drop challenges, all while being supported by graduate student clinicians in their neuro team rotation. Those with aphasia and their families also were encouraged to let their inner artists come out during a painting session.

A previous group created MAGIC Advocacy posters, which reflect the clients' responses when the grad students asked them what they would want other people to know about aphasia. 

Aphasia Reading Club at the University of Iowa (ARC)
ARC is a weekly opportunity to practice and enjoy reading in a supportive environment.  This group is intended for people with mild to moderate aphasia who continue to experience difficulties with reading comprehension.  A variety of reading strategies and support are used to promote understanding of print at levels chosen according to individual ability. The group meets on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-5 p.m. See the Fall 2019 ARC flyer for more information and the schedule of meeting dates.

Links to Helpful Resources
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Links to Helpful Resources
Website Description Strokenet Message Board contains lots of information about aphasia. Great Caregiver resource. National Stroke Association - many links to other aphasia sites are provided here. National Aphasia Association--Good networking source, with information and links to other sites. Aphasia Hope Foundation has published nearly 50 essays from stroke survivors and their caregivers, friends and speech-language professionals