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As a student majoring in Communication Studies, you will soon realize that the field offers coursework that covers how people communicate as individuals, in society, and inter/intra-culturally. At the same time, you may experience difficulty describing what it means to be a major in Communication Studies, or you might not know what you will do once you graduate with a degree in Communication Studies.

The faculty created the information in this PDF to guide you with the selection of courses for the course requirements for the major as well to help you identify potential careers related to the field of communication. In addition, you will find course options for possible second majors, minors, or certificates you could take to help you earn the required hours for your degree.

The requirements for the Communication Studies major usually choose one of six areas for their careers:

  • Communication and Organizational Life
  • Communication and Relationships
  • Communication and Health
  • Media, Culture and Technology
  • Intercultural and International Communication
  • Rhetoric and Public Advocacy

As you look through the PDF, read through the list of potential careers to identify which ones match not only your knowledge, skills, and abilities but also your interests, values, and work style. The list of potential careers for each area is by no means exhaustive but merely provides a starting point for your career exploration.

The Pomerantz Career Center, Level 3 - C310 PC, offers a variety of services and you can request to take career assessments that may offer more insights into areas that interest you. Call the Career Center at (319) 335-1023 or visit