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Rachel McLaren

McLaren 18
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
PhD, Pennsylvania State University
153 Becker Communication Studies Building
Office Hours:
By Appointment via Google
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Research Interests

interpersonal communication, social cognition, hurtful messages

Dr. Rachel McLaren studies interpersonal communication, social cognition, and hurtful messages. Her research seeks to clarify the interplay of communication, cognition, and emotion in response to significant experiences, such as hurtful interactions, within personal relationships. She also examines how relationship and situational characteristics influence people’s ability to process relational messages. Her recent work focuses on how relational turbulence influences a couple’s ability to coordinate relational inferences about past hurtful events. Her other interests include examining how interactions within close relationships affect people’s global conceptions of the relationship and, in turn, how those conceptions influence their experiences of particular communication events. Dr. McLaren teaches courses on the dark side of communication and relationships as well as communication and conflict.