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Lance K. Bennett

Lance Bennett
M.A., Communication Studies, West Chester University, 2016 B.A., Interpersonal/Organizational Communication, Eastern University, 2014 A.A., Communication Arts, Delaware County Community College, 2012
347 Becker Communication Studies Building
Curriculum Vitae:

Lance K. Bennett is a PhD student who studies the communication of emotion in interpersonal interactions. Using quantitative methods (e.g., social network analysis and experimental designs), his research seeks to clarify how strangers and relational partners (e.g., couples, parents and children, etc.) transfer their emotions to others through a process called emotional contagion. Presently, he is working on testing a model of communicative emotional contagion which addresses the role of verbal communication.

Lance has presented research papers at state, regional, national, and international conferences. 

He is a 2019 Obermann Graduate Institute Fellow.