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Lance K. Bennett

Lance Bennett
M.A., Communication Studies, West Chester University, 2016 B.A., Interpersonal/Organizational Communication, Eastern University, 2014 A.A., Communication Arts, Delaware County Community College, 2012
347 Becker Communication Studies Building
Curriculum Vitae:

Lance K. Bennett is a 3rd year doctoral student. His research intertwines interpersonal communication and organizational behavior. Lance’s research program investigates how interpersonal communication can shape public opinion through the spread of emotion in the academic workplace through a process called emotional contagion, such that social information (e.g., bias, stereotypes, attitudes, and beliefs) from a variety of sources influences people’s ability to “catch” the emotions of others, which has implications for organizational outcomes (e.g., organizational citizenship behaviors).


Lance has presented research papers at state, regional, national, and international conferences.