Andrew High

Andrew High
Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
PhD, Pennsylvania State University
155 Becker Communication Studies
Office Hours: 
M/W 1:-00-2:30
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
interpersonal communication, computer-mediated communication

Dr. Andrew High earned a Ph.D. at The Pennsylvania State University and joined the faculty at The University of Iowa in August 2012. His research interests include interpersonal communication and computer-mediated communication. Specifically, he is developing two complementary lines of scholarship focusing on social support and mediated interpersonal interaction. His research on social support centers on understanding the qualities that influence people’s perceptions of providing and receiving different styles of supportive messages. These projects seek to clarify the interplay of personal, contextual, and relational qualities on people's experiences in comforting interactions. Dr. High's program of study related to computer-mediated communication focuses on how online channels improve, worsen, or otherwise alter the processes of interpersonal communication. He has conducted research on both problematic Internet use and the ways in which mediated channels provide communicators with interpersonal benefits.

These two lines of study are unified by his interests in investigating people’s experiences of providing or receiving different styles of supportive messages in either face-to-face or online interactions. The goal of this research is to understand when and how people benefit by seeking and receiving socially supportive messages online. He employs several research methodologies, including survey studies, experimental projects, structural equation modeling, and meta-analysis, to address his research questions. Dr. High also teaches classes on research methods and computer-mediated communication.