For Prospective Students

Student in the Classics department

The quality of our Department is reflected in the honors our students have been awarded, such as the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, the Dean's Achievement Award, the Manson Stewart Scholarship from the Classical Association of Midwestern States, the Seashore Dissertation Year Fellowship, and Phi Beta Kappa membership.

We encourage you to consider studying Classics with us at The University of Iowa. Some of our recent graduates have the following things to say about the benefits and strengths of the department:

"I was able to choose the classes I took, therefore having the ability to focus on my interests. I was able to avoid those classes that you have to take in your major, but may not like." Lindsay Morecraft

"My Latin courses taught me more about the English language than any English class ever did. However, the most significant benefit of my studies in Classics was the effect my teachers had on me. I will never be able to thank them enough for taking the time and interest in me as a person, not just a student. I have always wanted to teach, but had never really found a professor who inspired me until I started in Classics." Alicia Simmons

"The cooperation between TAs and professors, and the classics 'community', are a big draw when the focus of so many other departments is competition." Michelle Zeiner

If you have questions about our academic programs or application procedures, please contact Debra Trusty, Director of Undergraduate Studies, or Robert Cargill, Director of Graduate Studies.