Medieval Studies Program

Medieval paintingMedieval Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to offer students an introduction to the history and culture of the Middle Ages and to provide them with the tools necessary to pursue a more advanced study of these periods in a number of disciplines including: languages and literatures, philosophy, history, and art history. The study of Medieval society provides a window to those centuries that span the end of the ancient world and the beginning of the modern era. During the Middle Ages (roughly the fourth to the fifteenth centuries) the development of our rich Western heritage began in such areas as law, religion, philosophy, language, art, and music.

The Medieval Studies Program is an informal confederation of scholars who promote the discipline campus-wide. The Certificate Program is overseen by an Academic Coordinator and a Coordinating Committee. Faculty also work within the separate departments with a number of graduate students whose studies center on the Middle Ages; listed on this site are those graduate students who are pursuing doctoral dissertations within the area. Graduate students maintain their own association, the Iowa Forum for Graduate Medievalists. Faculty in the area maintain an active program of research and this site includes a list of relevant recent publications.

The program enables students to combine study in three or more disciplines into an organized investigation of the Middle Ages, a rich historical period that continues to influence today's culture. Students may earn the Certificate in Medieval Studies as a distinct interest or combine it with focused study in areas such as art history; classics; comparative literature; gender, women's, and sexuality studies; languages (e.g., French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish); music; philosophy; religion; and theater.

For more information or advising, contact the program coordinator:

Michael Moore, History Department, 115 SH (319) 335-2095 

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