Classics Colloquium: Erika Valdivieso, Virgil & Gold Mining in Brazil

February 19, 2020 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
101 Becker Communication Studies Building


Please join us on Wednesday, February 19 for our first Classics Colloquium of the Spring! Erika Valdivieso, of the Department of Classics at Brown University, will be giving a talk titled “Virgil & Gold Mining ” at 5:30pm in 101 Becker Communication Studies Building.

The didactic poem Brasilienses Aurifodinae is one example of the corpus of Latin poetry written in colonial Latin America. The poet, Basílio da Gama (1741-1795), describes gold mining in Brazil, from its extraction to the processes of purification and minting, with recourse to Virgilian language, structure and themes. After an overview of the context in which this poem was written, this talk will describe its major themes, which include the origin of gold and the relationship between masters and enslaved people. In doing so, this talk will highlight the way in which the Georgics shape Brasilienses Aurifodinae, as well as other sources which mediated Virgil's poetry in the Iberian Atlantic.