Debra Trusty

Deb Trusty
Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies
PhD, Florida State University
210F Jefferson Building
Curriculum Vitae: 

Debra Trusty came to the University of Iowa in 2017 as a lecturer of Classics. Her research interests include Bronze Age Greek archaeology and material culture, Mycenaean ceramics, ceramic studies and analyses, prehistoric cooking ware vessels, early state political economies, craft production, food preparation and consumption, and ancient technologies. Debra's dissertation focused on the importance of cooking ware vessels in Mycenaean political economy and was entitled Ceramic Analysis of Cooking Ware Vessels and its Implications for Early State Political Economies. She received several grants for her research, including a National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant. Debra co-edited a recently published volume with Julie Hruby (Dartmouth) titled Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean. She is involved in museum and fieldwork for the Petsas House excavations, directed by Kim Shelton (Berkeley) and has past experience with the Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project directed by Daniel Pullen (Florida State University) and Thomas Tartaron (University of Pennsylvania). She received her BA from the University of Evansville and MA and PhD from Florida State University.