Homerathon Flyer

From 5:00-6:00pm on March 27 and from 4:00-5:00pm on March 28, we'll be livestreaming our opening and closing events on YouTube.


Join the University of Iowa Department of Classics and Eta Sigma Phi, the undergraduate honors society for classics students, for a 24-hour continuous public reading of Homer’s Iliad in English translation.

The event is being held outdoors in Kautz Plaza (adjacent to the T. Anne Cleary Walkway) on the University of Iowa campus from 5 pm Wednesday, March 27, to 5 pm Thursday, March 28.

Although the Iliad was composed some four thousand years ago, Homer’s epic tale of anger, love, and loss still resonates in today’s world. Through Homer we learn how we became who we are and what it means to be human. Since ancient epic was meant to be performed, not read silently to oneself, a public reading of the Iliad more closely approximates the original experience.

The Homerathon will kick off at 5 pm on Wednesday, March 27, with opening readers University President Bruce Harreld, CLAS Associate Dean Helena Dettmer, and renowned classicist Peter Green. Throughout the event members of the University and Iowa City communities also will be reading, including Iowa City mayor Jim Throgmorton and Iowa Public Radio and Iowa Public Television host Charity Nebbe.

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the public are invited to sign up to read here: http://signup.com/go/jhCSOSZ

Some seating will be available for readers and spectators.

Inclement weather location: River Room 1, Iowa Memorial Union

Information for volunteers: Please check in at the sign-in area at Kautz Plaza 10 minutes before your assigned time. We will provide water and snacks, as well as the translation that you will read. You will pick up where the previous reader leaves off. We will also have pronunciation guides available at the check-in site. If you have any questions or problems please contact Myles Young at myles-young@uiowa.edu

Homerathon Facebook Page

Homerathon Facebook Page

Schedule of VIP readers:

Wednesday March 27th:

5:15 PM Peter Green, Professor Emeritus of Classics and translator
5:25 PM University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld
5:30 PM Helena Dettmer, Associate Dean and Professor of Classics

Thursday March 28th:

9:00 AM Brenda Longfellow, Associate Professor of Art History
9:30 AM Mark Anderson, Office of the State Archaeologist
10:00 AM Kelcey Patrick-Ferree, Attorney and Iowa Alum
10:30 AM Russ Ganim, Director of Division of World Languages and President of Faculty Senate
11:00 AM Harry Stecopoulos, Associate Professor of English and Editor of the Iowa Review
11:10 AM Nic Arp, Director of Strategic Communications, CLAS
11:30 AM Jim Throgmorton, Mayor of Iowa City
12:00 PM Charity Nebbe, Iowa Public Radio
12:30 PM James Galvin, Professor of Poetry in the Iowa Writers' Workshop and poet
2:30 PM Katherine Tachau, Professor of History
3:00 PM Susan McLean, poet
4:00 PM Art Spisak, Director of Honors Program
4:30 PM UI Honors students Liana Salgado, Hannah Huzzey, and others

Schedule of UI Classics faculty and graduate student readers:

Wednesday March 27th:

6:00 PM Prof. Sarah Bond
7:50 PM Prof. Craig Gibson
8:40 PM Prof. Debra Trusty
10:10 PM Bob Morley

Thursday March 28th:

7:00 AM Prof. Caitlin Marley
7:30 AM Peter Miller
8:40 AM Prof. Rob Ketterer
9:10 AM Prof. Jeremy Swist
10:10 AM Bob Morley
11:50 AM Echo Smith
12:10 PM Laura Moser
12:50 PM Ryan Tribble
1:00 PM Prof. Rosemary Moore
1:30 PM Prof. Debra Trusty
2:00 PM Prof. Marcia Lindgren
2:10 PM Marissa Sarver
2:50 PM Jonathan Young
3:40 PM Prof. John Finamore
3:50 PM Sara Hales-Brittain