M.A. in Greek, Latin, or Classics

The master's degree programs are intended for students who wish to teach at the high school level or who wish to transfer to another institution for Ph.D. work. If your goal is to teach and do research at the university level, you should apply for the Ph.D. in Classics.

All of the master's degree programs require students to complete at least 30 semester hours. A thesis is not required for any of the three programs. Students pursuing the M.A. in Latin who have had no Greek must include at least elementary Greek in their programs. Likewise, students working toward the master's degree in Greek who have had no Latin are expected to include it in their programs. Additionally, students must complete either Greek Composition or Advanced Latin Composition. This requirement may be satisfied by examination, however.

A sight-reading examination in the major language must be taken before the comprehensive examination. Candidates for the M.A. in Classics are tested in both Latin and Greek.

For more information on the master's degree in Latin, Greek, or Classics, please contact Bob Cargill, the Graduate Advisor.