You will be e-mailed each semester with Registration Clearance information.

The main purpose of registration is to select and register for courses that you’ll take the following semester. Registration serves as a good time to check your academic progress toward your major and degree requirements by reviewing your degree evaluation on MyUI. As a student at Iowa, you will use MyUI (Iowa Student Information System) to register for classes and to access information regarding your courses and grades, your degree requirements (including progress in your major), financial aid, and billing services, among other things. MyUI is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

Registration is also a time when most students see their academic advisor. In Cinematic Arts, you are not required to see the department’s academic advisor or a faculty advisor before registering for classes, but if you need or want academic advising, you should make arrangements to do so before early registration begins.

Early Registration

  • Registration typically starts in mid-November for the winter term and spring semester and again in mid-April for the summer sessions and fall semester. 
  • During the early registration period, currently enrolled students are given an opportunity to register for classes for the next semester or term (Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall) before any newly admitted  or transfer students. 
  • Early registration is also the time when departments throughout the university typically provide priority registration to currently enrolled UI students pursuing a major within their respective College or departments. 

Preparing to register:

To register for classes, you need to be prepared.

  1. Pay your U-bill
  2. Update your health records
  3. Review your degree evaluation on MyUI
  4. Identify any unmet requirements
  5. Calculate your GPA using anticipated grades
  6. Preview and check prerequisites for courses on MyUI or in the Department General Catalog
  7. Schedule an appointment to see your advisor early if needed
  8. Know the date and time you can register (this is listed on MyUI under “Registration”)


Your U-Bill needs to be paid before you can register for classes. Students with certain unpaid balances on their U-bill may not be eligible to register on the day/time assigned as indicated on MyUI. 

The Department is not responsible for providing seats in courses for which you want to take but were not able to register for because you had a balance due on your U-bill—even if you are senior or signed a four-year graduation plan!

Students who have balances on their U-bill are encouraged to go the Registrar’s Office, 1 Jessup Hall to request a registration appeal. In some cases, circumstances may warrant a new payment date and the student might be allowed to proceed with registration. 

Health Records

The University of Iowa requires students to show proof that they have been immunized. You should check your student record on MyUI to see if your health records are up-to-date. If your registration is flagged by Health Services, the Cinematic Arts Department will notify you via e-mail sent to your account. You will be required to show proof of your immunizations or you will have to be immunized before you can register for classes. In other words, you may need to get your shots! 

Registration Clearance

At the University of Iowa, students must be cleared to register for courses each semester. When you have more than one major, one major is considered your primary major and the other one is your second majorYour advisor or department for your primary major is responsible for clearing your to register each semester, even if you don’t take courses in your major or in that department that particular semester. Look in “Student Records” on MyUI in the section labeled “Courses and Grades” to see your major and advisor. The major that is listed first is considered your primary major. Although it’s always a good idea to meet with your assigned advisor for both majors regarding your progress toward your major and degree requirements, you do not need to be cleared to register by both majors; only your primary major needs to clear you to register. Once you’ve been cleared to register by your primary major, you can register for courses in both majors. 

If Cinematic Arts is your only major, the department will clear you to register for classes automatically. The Cinematic Arts Department does not distribute any kind of 4-digit codes to majors to register for classes. The Cinematic Arts Department is not authorized to clear students for registration with primary majors in other departments. To repeat: Only students who have Cinematic Arts as their primary major will be cleared to register by the Cinematic Arts Department.

When do you register for classes?

All enrolled students are assigned a registration date and time based upon the number of semester hours earned as listed on the degree evaluation, and, if applicable, according to special circumstances (e.g., athletic participation, students with disabilities, etc.). Before Early Registration begins, you need to look up your assigned date and time for registration by logging onto MyUI and then selecting "Registration" on the menu bar. You might need to change the session to find your assigned date and time for early registration—look to see what session is listed and change it if necessary. Keep in mind that you cannot register for classes until your assigned date or time. 

Registration times and dates are assigned by the Registrar’s Office. If you have a question or concern regarding the date and time you register, you should go to Room 1 Jessup Hall and ask to speak with someone regarding your assigned registration date/time.

Previewing Courses on MyUI

Prior to early registration, you can see which courses are being offered in the upcoming semester or session. Sometimes you will need to change the session in order to see classes offered for a different session (i.e., Winter Term, Summer Session, Fall)

Course Descriptions

You can read course descriptions and see course prerequisites on MyUI by clicking on the title of a course. Reading course descriptions, although brief, can help you select courses that meet your educational and career goals. Faculty are also great resources for information about particular courses.


A prerequisite consists of criteria that you must meet before you can register for or take a course.  Prerequisites are listed with course descriptions on MyUI. The department adheres vehemently to its course prerequisites, and all students registering for CINE (048) courses are expected to make sure they have completed all prerequisites before registering for a course.

A prerequisite course must be listed on your UI degree evaluation to be considered completed or in progress. The department can only verify prerequisites are met by reviewing UI degree evaluations and class schedules.  

Registration while Studying Abroad

Internet access makes it possible for students that study abroad to follow the same registration procedures as other students. Students studying abroad are also cleared to register by their primary major advisor or department for or during the semester when they are studying abroad. Students studying abroad should communicate with their major advisor via e-mail. 

Add/Drop Forms

After classes start, students must use an Add or Drop form to make changes to their schedule. Forms are available on the MyUI login page and should be completed with the course information including the section number. To add or drop Cinematic Arts courses, students need to obtain appropriate signatures from the advisor and the course instructor.