BA in Cinema

Students filming a scene

Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2014, here are the Cinema B.A. requirements:

The Major has FOUR Required Courses:

1) CINE:1601 Introduction to Film Analysis 3 s.h.  (Required pre-requisite or co-requisite to taking CINE:1834)

2) CINE:1834 Modes of Film and Video Production 4 s.h.

3) CINE:1615 Introduction to Film Theory 3 s.h.

4) CINE:3195 Undergraduate Seminar 3 s.h.

Additional Requirements:  20 additional hours of Cinematic Arts courses, including at least 6 hours of advanced courses in Film Studies (CINE:3750; CINE:4603; CINE:4604; CINE:4606; CINE:4608; CINE:4616; CINE:4618; CINE:4620; CINE:4678).


There is a generally flexible sequence for taking courses to satisfy the Cinema major (33 s.h. in total).  However, the following sequence is strongly recommended:

Fulfill the lower-level required courses as soon as possible after declaring Cinema as your major. CINE:1601 must be taken before or at the same time as CINE:1834. CINE:1834 is required before you take additional Film and Video Production or screenwriting courses (if that is your goal).

CINE:1615 should be taken early in your program of study, preferably during the third or fourth semester (sophomore year).

Spend the remaining portion of your time in the major by selecting from a range of possible options to complete the additional 20 s.h. of Cinematic Arts courses.  Your advisor will be glad to guide you in your selection of appropriate courses.

In your final three semesters, fulfill the requirement of CINE:3195.

TRANSFER CREDITS:  The department allows a maximum of 9 transfer credits, subject to the approval of the advisor.


For information regarding Cinema B.A. major requirements for students who entered the program Prior to Fall 2014 please speak with your advisor. Anyone who entered prior to Fall 2014 is also welcome to move to the current major requirements.


Four-year Graduation Plan

Meeting the following milestones maintains progress under the four-year graduation plan:

  • Before the fifth semester begins: at least two courses in the major, including CINE:1601 Introduction to Film Analysis and CINE:1834 Modes of Film and Video Production

  • Before the seventh semester begins: at least five more courses in the major (total of seven), including CINE:1615Introduction to Film Theory, and at least 90 s.h. earned toward the degree

    Before the eighth semester begins: at least three more courses in the major preferably including CINE:3195 Undergraduate Seminar

    During the eighth semester: enrollment in all remaining course work in the major, all remaining General Education courses, and a sufficient number of semester hours to graduate


This information, along with further information about the department, can be viewed in the General Catalog.