Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students sitting in class.

The Department of Cinematic Arts offers a balanced program of study of cinema, including modes of filmmaking, film analysis, screenwriting, history and theory.

Our goals are: (1) to develop international, interdisciplinary and intermedia perspectives on film as an art form; (2) to provide hands-on experience in film and video creation using state of the art equipment and cutting-edge techniques; (3) to promote the critical study of film and cinema arts, including expanded documentary, installation and other screen arts; (4) to develop each student's practical and conceptual understanding of cinema as a constantly evolving medium with important connections to the domains of art, science, and communication, and (5) to prepare students for careers in – or in areas related to -- filmmaking and film studies and for careers that value a demanding liberal arts undergraduate major.

In addition, we encourage students to pursue interdisciplinary interest in related departments, such as American Studies, Art and Art History, Asian Languages and Literatures (ASLL), Communication Studies, English, French and Italian, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies (GWSS), German, Spanish and Portuguese, and Theatre Arts.

The Department of Cinematic Arts offers the B.A. in Cinema. Students must earn 33 s.h. of CINE coursework to complete the major, at least 24 s.h. of which must be earned at the University of Iowa, and meet the specific requirements of the major.