UI Alumni and Screenwriters of "A Quiet Place" Artist Talk Featured in The Daily Iowan

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 10:00am
Beck and Woods artist talk and q&a

The artist talk and Q&A with Scott Beck and Brian Woods, hosted by The Department of Cinematic Arts and "Exploring Careers in Cinema" in partnership with Film Scene was a great success. The event has been featured in The Daily Iowan in an article by Paul Elwell.

The beginnings of the duo’s career took place in a middle-school lunchroom in Bettendorf. Woods approached Beck’s lunch table, and they bonded over Wood’s interest in making short films with his Star Wars action figures.

“You would have changed the course of history if you sat somewhere else,” said cinematic-arts Associate Professor Christopher Harris, a moderator of the discussion.

Their friendship continued, and they ended up attending the UI, making various connections that proved valuable in their upcoming careers.

“Coming from Iowa, that’s a leg up; it’s something we find very special to this very day,” Beck said. “Anytime we run into somebody from Iowa, there is a kinship there but also a creativity that’s shared, a unique perspective that you don’t necessarily get if you come from somewhere else.”

Beck and Woods have worked on most of each other’s major projects collaboratively, something they attribute the quality of their writing to.

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(Photo by Derek Dewitt)