"Saving Brinton" Documentary begins Academy Award Campaign (IowaNow)

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 11:30am
saving brinton team

[Andrew] Sherburne, along with University of Iowa graduates Tommy Haines (BA cinema and comparative literature, ’05) and John Richard (BS environmental science, ’04), have spent the past 18 months screening their documentary, Saving Brinton, at film festivals and theaters across Iowa and around the world.

As the theatrical tour winds down and the film moves to streaming, DVD, and Blu-ray, the team is gearing up for a run at the Academy Awards. While smaller than some of the competition, Saving Brinton isn’t going unnoticed, being named a Best Documentary Feature Oscar contender by The Hollywood Reporter.

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(photo taken from IowaNow article) (From left, Tommy Haines, Michael Zahs, Andrew Sherburne, and John Richard. Haines, Richard, and Sherbourne's documentary explores the intriguing story of a cache of early films and film-related objects that Zahs rescued from the dustbin of history. Photo courtesy of Barn Owl Pictures.)