Kreitzer Receives Special Jury Recognition at 16th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 8:00pm

Jesse Kreitzer's MFA thesis film Black Canaries received "Special Jury Recognition for Short Narrative Film" at the 16th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF) held in Ashland, Oregon.  The award was presented by jury members Warren Etheredge, Martin C. Jones, and Stacey Steers. This is the eighth film festival award for the coal mining folktale inspired by Kreitzer's maternal ancestry. 

"Black Canaries is a technical marvel," said juror Warren Etheridge during the annual awards celebration.  "On a humble budget, the film recreates a world lost to time and coastal purpose.  The artful period piece pays tribute to lost generations of miners, acknowledging their indomitable Middle American work ethic and concurrent aspirations."  You can view a video of Kreitzer's acceptance speech here.

This marks the 8th film festival award for Black Canaries which received Grand Jury Awards for "Best Film" and "Best Cinematography" at the 12th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival; the "James Goldstone Award for Emerging Vermont Filmmaker" and "Best Cinematography" Awards at the 30th Annual Vermont International Film Festival; the Jury Award for "Best New England Short Film" at the 18th Annual ProvincetownInternational Film Festival; the "Vermont Symphony Orchestra Award for Music Integration" at the 2nd Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival; and the Director's Award for "Best Cinematography" at the 22nd Annual Woods Hole Film Festival.

Kreitzer is currently based in Marlboro, Vermont, where he is producing CAREGIVERS, a docu-narrative hybrid about rural hospice workers and home birth midwives in the mountains of rural Vermont.  Produced in collaboration with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, a first-look will premiere with live accompaniment at the 3rd annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival and as part of the VSO's statewide Made in Vermont Tour.  The finished work will screen with live orchestration at select film festivals nationwide.

For more info, visit Lanterna Film or contact Jesse Kreitzer via email.