Congratulations Zoey Luke and Aaron Longoria!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 3:45pm
Congratulations to the Michael D. Harmeyer scholarship winners Zoey Luke and Aaron Longoria

The Department of Cinematic Arts offers a warm congratulations to the winners of The Michael D. Harmeyer Scholarship.


Zoey Luke's essay, "The Heroic Cinematographer: A Crisis of Representation" is a thoroughly researched, careful and skillful explication of war and the challenges it poses to representation. Historically informed and theoretically charged, it demonstrates a clear and sensitive understanding of critical debates. Zoey's essay represents a standard of writing well above what one might expect to see in an undergraduate classroom. 

Aaron Longoria, in his moving look back to childhood, heaven vol. i, speaks from a young queer man's vantage point. In processing his voice recording, Longoria renders strange his attachments, but always keeps in view tender feelings for his father, whom he addresses throughout. The video builds to a playful, formal visual treatment, cutting his own and his father’s figures from the grainy black and white video, evoking ideas of isolation and separation.