Metrah Pashaee

Metrah Pashaee and primate.
325 Becker Communication Studies Building
Film & Video Production

Research interests include:

Absurdism, activism, amateurism, appropriation, archive and museum, art and language, artificiality, assemblage, avant-garde theory and practice, (the) body, confrontation, collage, community, conceptual writing, Conceptual art, costume, crying, Dadaism, deconstruction, deterioration, digital voice, disguise, distortion, domestic space, esoterica, essayism, existentialism, experimental ethnography, feminist anthropology, film language, gender, handwriting, (sense of) humor, intersectionality, language structures, liquids, metahistory, minority, net art, non-linear, performance, phonetics, (the) pixel, plunderphonics, postfeminism, postmodernism, post-structuralism, proximity, punk, radical art history, re-construction, semiotics, structuralism, subversion, surrealism, text and image relationships, transfeminism, transdisciplinarity, typography, ubu, underground, video feedback, YouTube.