MFA in Film and Video Production

Film production doors.

This program combines creative and scholarly coursework aimed at developing the candidate’s ability to produce effective artistic work in film and video. This study takes place within a strong scholarly environment and candidates should expect to spend at least one third of their time in non-production courses building historical, critical and theoretical approaches that both inform their work and prepare them for creative and academic career paths. Initially, students work through class assignments designed to ensure exposure to a variety of forms and techniques; at the more advanced levels, matters of content and approach are determined largely by the candidate.

The MFA program is designed as a three-year experience, averaging 9 credits per semester. Degree requirements include advanced coursework in film/media theory or history, annual public presentations and critiques, the development of an artist statement, a thesis paper, and a creative thesis project. Each student will be assigned an advisor from the production faculty; the student and advisor will develop a schedule to meet regularly to discuss work and track creative progress through the program.

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Requirements: 54 hours of graduate credit, including:

(Taken before Clearance)

CINE:4890 Media Production Workshop 4 sh
CINE:5890 Colloquium in Film and Video Production 6 sh
Advanced production courses 9-12 sh
Two mid-level graduate courses in film theory/history 6 sh
Two courses from related areas outside the Department of Cinematic Arts 6 sh
Electives 2-5 sh
36 sh

(After Clearance)

MFA thesis project 12 sh
Additional elective courses 6 sh
18 sh

The candidate should count on one production course and at least one scholarly course per semester.

Clearance Review:

Looking forward to the final year, the committee reviews the candidate’s work to date along with a written proposal for the MFA Thesis project. This year-long project should both extend the candidate’s artistic concerns and contribute to a coherent body of work.