Prestigious Faculty Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

Our nationally distinguished faculty body comprises scholars, scientists, and artists who are trailblazers in their disciplines. Our faculty members are recognized regularly with highly prestigious awards and fellowships at all levels.

Research Spotlight

Daniel Tranel, Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences with a joint appointment in the Department of Neuroscience in the Carver College of Medicine, is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The director of the Iowa Neurological Patient Registry, his research interests include clinical and experimental neuropsychology; cognitive neuroscience; lesion method and functional neuroimaging (MRI); and neural basis of higher cognitive functions and personality. Learn about one promising aspect of his research here:

Highly prestigious awards earned by College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty

American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2
American Association for the Advancement of Science 11
Andrew Carnegie Fellowships 1

Fulbright Faculty Scholars


Guggenheim Fellows


National Academy of Sciences


ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellows

Stanford Humanities Center Fellows 2

Woodrow Wilson Fellows

National Science Foundation CAREER Awards 11
Recently Elected Fellows in Professional Societies and National Arts Programs 3


Regents, University, and Collegiate Award Recipients

Collegiate Support for Faculty Research