Brown Bag Speaker Series

  • Analysis of the Protohistoric Period Fauna from the Scott County Pueblo (14SC1)

    January 15, 2021

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  • Ana-Monica Racila presentation

    March 6, 2020

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • Lizzy Handschy presentation

    December 6, 2019

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • James McGrath presentation

    November 22, 2019

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • Victoria Priola presentation

    November 15, 2019

    27 Macbride Hall, 2:30 pm

  • Corinne Watts presentation

    November 8, 2019

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • Rachel Riendeau presentation - CANCELLED

    November 1, 2019

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • Sarah Blakeney presentation

    October 11, 2019

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • Caleb Klipowicz presentation

    September 13, 2019

    2:30 pm, 27 Macbride Hall

  • OSA Brown Bag presentations

    November 3

    Presenter: State Archaeologist John F. Doershuk

    Recent Lakeside Lab Archaeological Field School Investigations: The Prairie Lakes Woodland Era

    The Iowa Lakeside Laboratory archaeological field schools in recent summers have focused their efforts on investigating two Prairie Lakes Woodland sites. Site 13DK96, located in the Kettleson-Hogsback Wildlife Management Area just west of Spirit Lake in Dickinson County, Iowa, was the subject of research in 2014, 2015, and 2016. In 2017 the field school shifted to Mini-Wakan State Park at the north edge of Spirit Lake and began investigation of 13DK143. Both sites have excellent faunal preservation and both have yielded excellent examples of typical Prairie Lakes Woodland Fox Lake and Lake Benton wares. These sites, along with 13DK27, the Arthur site, represent the only three Prairie Lakes Woodland contexts formally investigated in Iowa. The context and findings from the Arthur site will be briefly reviewed and compared with the field work and current results for 13DK96 and 13DK143.


    November 10

    Presenter: Elizabeth Reetz

    Integrating Archaeology and Environmental Education at School of the Wild

    The practice of archaeology involves studying human adaptation to the natural world by using the environment as a vehicle for the development of knowledge. Archaeology education has strong parallels and intersections with the well-established field of Environmental Education (EE); yet, it is both widely acknowledged that cultural history is one of the weaker components of EE, and many archaeology educators are likewise unfamiliar with EE. In 2016, OSA archaeologists partnered with staff from the University of Iowa School of the Wild, a week-long EE experience for area schools, to create a curricular unit that integrates archaeology and cultural history with EE. The pilot year yielded promising results for using EE as a tool to promote archaeological and environmental stewardship.

    Elizabeth Reetz is Director of Strategic Initiatives at the UI Office of the State Archaeologist. She organizes education and outreach events across Iowa and works to communicate archaeology and science to many publics.

    December 1
    700 Clinton Street, 12 Noon

    Presenters: Brennan Dolan and Janee Becker

    Protecting Iowa’s Past – How Do We Do It?

    In the summer of 2017 the Iowa Department of Transportation began unveiling their Statewide Historical Sites Inventory and Management Plan.  The plan serves as the heart of Iowa DOT’s commitment to “historical sites” as defined by state code, and serves to uphold preservation commitments made by the department over decades of cultural resources management projects.  This presentation will discuss how and why the plan came together as well as current management practices for sites in the plan.  Further, we’ll talk about some of the technology we have been incorporating into our efforts to provide strong baseline information for site management.

    Brennan Dolan
    Brennan is a cultural resources project manager and archaeologist for the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT). Previously, he worked for the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) in Iowa, the Louis Berger Group, and the National Park Service (Midwest Archeological Center). His professional research interests include the proto-historic period, faunal analysis, experimental Woodland period ceramic replication, fire studies, and site preservation.

    Janee Becker
    Janee is a field and laboratory technician for the Office of the State Archaeologist and an imbedded consultant for the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT). Her professional research interests include the historic period, archival management, research, and using technology to improve site management and conservation.


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