European Archaeology

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Iowa is one of the few departments in North America with a strength in European archaeology. The faculty in this group conducts on-going fieldwork and research in Europe on a broad range of time periods—from the Paleolithic to Roman civilization—and diverse topics.

Robert Franciscus has recently worked on comparative analyses of Early Upper Paleolithic human remains from the sites of the Abrigo do Lagar Velho (Portugal), Dolní Vestonice (Czech Republic), and the Pestera cu Oase (Romania).

Jim Enloe is currently working on changes in adaptation of late Upper Paleolithic hunters in northern France.

Katina Lillios is conducting interdisciplinary excavations at the Late Neolithic-Early Bronze Age mortuary site of Bolóres (Portugal) to better understand the relationship between economic practices, sociopolitical structure, biological health, and the environment during this period.

Glenn Storey is working on issues of the ancient economy in Roman Holland and Greco-Roman Sicily, using ground penetrating radar to aid in site investigation.