Michael Chibnik

Michael Chibnik
Professor Emeritus
PhD, Columbia University, 1975
213 Macbride Hall
Curriculum Vitae: 
Select Publications/Projects: 
Research Interests: 
economic anthropology, artisans, environmental anthropology, research methods; Latin America (especially Mexico and Peru)

Most of my work has been the subfield of economic anthropology. I have conducted fieldwork on household economics, agricultural decision-making, craft production, and work organization in Belize, Peru, Mexico, and various parts of the United States. Other topical interests include agricultural systems, artisans, ethnicity, development, transnationalism, research methods (especially statistics), and the history of anthropology. My publications include Anthropology, Economics, and Choice (2011 , University of Texas Press), Crafting Tradition, The Making and Marketing of Oaxacan Wood Carvings (2003, University of Texas Press), Risky Rivers: The Economics and Politics of Floodplain Farming in Amazonia (1994, University of Arizona Press), and Farm Work and Fieldwork: American Agriculture in Anthropological Perspective (edited collection, 1987, Cornell University Press). In July, 2012 I became editor-in-chief of the American Anthropologist.

My online article "Sociocultural Anthropology in American Anthropologist (1901-2011)" will appear in the March 2014 issue of American Anthropologist. The raw data used in this article can be found in this Excel file.

Courses Taught: 

Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems
Environment and Culture
Economic Anthropology
Anthropological Data Analysis
Research Design and Proposal Writing
Latin American Economy and Society
Seminar: Sociocultural Anthropology