Feminist Anthropology Concentration

The Feminist Anthropology Concentration offers graduate students at the University of Iowa a mechanism for achieving broad training in an area of specialization that has grown dramatically in recent years and that both enhances and draws from other theoretical approaches in Anthropology.  Any of the courses offered in Feminist Anthropology may be taken by graduate students in Anthropology (or from other departments) who wish to explore particular aspects of the field. Those who complete the full Concentration may indicate this achievement of specialized knowledge on their curricula vitae.

Coursework in Feminist Anthropology emphasizes feminist perspectives, theories, methods, and analytic techniques within the discipline of anthropology.  Such coursework improves students’ marketability in academia, both in Anthropology and in other fields, especially Women’s and Gender Studies, and also helps to prepare students for careers in applied/public anthropology.     

Feminist Anthropology was formerly offered to students within the rubric of a specialized “track” to be completed at the MA level.  Courses completed in the old system will count for the Concentration.  All students have the option of including feminist courses within their training to whatever extent is appropriate for their particular interests.


Graduate students from Anthropology will take 15 s.h. of coursework in the Feminist Anthropology concentration in addition to their regular core requirements.  Courses for the Feminist Anthropology Concentration may fulfill requirements for graduate electives in the Anthropology Department.  Students from other departments are welcome in the courses and need not take other coursework required of Anthropology students.

These 15 s.h. should be divided among graduate seminars and elective courses as shown below.  Students can also petition for other courses (in Anthropology or other departments) to count towards the concentration in Feminist Anthropology, if the course and/or their work for the course included significant relevant content.  These petitions will be reviewed by Feminist Anthropology faculty.

The following list of approved courses in Feminist Anthropology specifies how students should divide 15 s.h. among graduate seminars and elective courses.  Course numbers and titles are followed by the names of the primary faculty members who usually teach them.  This list is subject to change.

Graduate Seminars
(6 s.h. minimum; additional seminars can count as electives)

  • ANTH:6125 Seminar: Feminist Ethnography
  • ANTH:6415 Seminar: Language and Gender and Sexuality

Elective Courses
(9 s.h.; can include graduate seminars as noted above)

  • ANTH:2108 Gendering India
  • ANTH:3300 Mothers and Motherhood
  • ANTH:4140 Feminist Activism and Global Health