Fall 2019 courses

AMST:1010 Understanding American Cultures How are American identities created by film and fiction, consumer commodities, internet practices, symbols of faith and the artifacts of everyday life? Investigate how cultural activities shape debate over U.S. nation-building and social diversity. INSTRUCTOR: LAURA RIGAL

AMST:1049 Introduction to American Indian and Native Studies Through film, art, music, and comedy, explore the past, present, and future of Native peoples in the United States and beyond. INSTRUCTOR: STEPHEN WARREN

AMST:1060 Sex and Popular Culture in America What do dating and hookup culture, sex wars and moral panic, and slogans such as “love wins” tell us about the meaning and importance of sex in America? Explore struggles to define, control and claim sex through a vibrant array of popular media, laws and policy, art and social practices. INSTRUCTOR: NAOMI GREYSER

AMST:1075:EXW American Popular Music Explore the roots of rock and roll from the fifties to 1980. Using music as a lens, examine the impact of this popular genre on US social history.  (online course)

AMST:1080:EXW: American Political Humor If you want to know what Americans really think about their leaders and their form of government, don’t look to polls and pundits for the answers—look at what makes them laugh. (online course) INSTRUCTOR: RUSSELL PETERSON

AMST:1400 Introduction to American Popular Culture Explore your experiences as a consumer and producer of popular culture and learn how we can understand America through humor, comics, television, film, sport, music, avatars and online communities.  Instructor: TBA

AMST:2000  Introduction to American Studies How can we study the complexity of America? Discover a range of methods and approaches for studying the intersections of literature, history, politics, film, fashion, politics, sport. Instructor: TBA

AMST:2025 Diversity in American Culture The US becomes more racially and ethnically diverse every year. Study key moments when issues of race and ethnicity came to the vanguard in American history and explore how our differences shape what it means to be an American.  Instructor: TBA

SPST:1074 Inequality in American Sport Sport is often thought of as a central unifying feature of American life, but do all AmericanS have the same opportunities, experiences, or opinions about it? INSRUCTOR: JENNIFER STERLING

SPST:1847 Hawkeye Nation: On Iowa, On Sport  What does it mean to be Iowan? Who is a member of Hawkeye Nation? Explore local and regional identities through history, culture, and sports – from Kinnick Stadium and Grant Field to the Field of Dreams.  INSTRUCTOR: TINA PARRATT

SPST:2070 Globalization and Sport From the NBA’s expansion to sport for development and peace, explore how sporting practices, people, products, spectacles, and spaces are part of global economic, political, and cultural flows. INSTRUCTOR: JENNIFER STERLING

SPST:2078 Women, Sport and Culture  Women are more engaged in sport now than ever before. What is it like to be a woman athlete today? What barriers and opportunities exist for women in sport?  Instructor: Jennifer Sterling

SPST:2079 Race and Ethnicity in Sport  Jackie Robinson “broke the color barrier” in 1947. Is sport now an equal opportunity activity? How does sport reflect or challenge our assumptions about race and ethnicity? Should athletes protest racism on the playing field? Instructor: TBA

SPST:2081 Theory and Ethics of Coaching. The actions of a coach affect players lives both on and off the field. How can a coach best prepare to be a role model as well a strategist? INSTRUCTOR: CAROL GIRDLER

SPST:2084 Sport and Film  What do films like Rocky, Field of Dreams, A League of their Own, and Remember the Titans tell us about the meaning and importance of sport in our society? Instructor: TBA

SPST:3172 Football in America Football dominates contemporary US sport in high schools, colleges, and the NFL. How did it become so wildly popular, and what does it tell us about American culture? How are those values celebrated and contested?    Instructor: Thomas Oates

SPST:3175 Sport and the Media How did media companies come to cover sport? How does this complex web of relationships shape media corporations, commercialized sports organizations, and cultural struggles over race, class, gender, and sexuality?   Instructor: THOMAS OATES

SPST:3178 American Sport to 1900 By 1900, sport had become an important part of American culture. Examine 300 years of history underlying this, with particular focus on the varying sporting opportunities and experiences of diverse peoples of the US. Instructor: Tina ParratT

SPST:3182 Sport, Scandals and Strategic Communication Investigate sport scandals—from Tiger Woods to Lance Armstrong to Penn State—to explore why we celebrate sports figures, how we judge them when they let us down, and what it takes for them to be forgiven.   Instructor: Travis Vogan