Ethnic Studies, Diversity, and Differences focus area

Students in this concentration seek to understand how social differentiation along the lines of gender, race, sexuality, social class, region, national origins, and age, for example, shape institutions and cultural practices in the U.S. Emphasis is on the historic emergence of categories of social difference, and their interactions, especially as revealed in cultural practices and artifacts like literature, art, music, cityscapes, and popular culture.  Students may focus on one specific ethnic groups, such as African Americans, Latino/as, Asian Americans, Native Americans.

Check regularly with the Department of American Studies for updates on new courses, additional special topics courses, and other relevant courses not listed here. No more than two courses may be applied from a single department outside American Studies. [Updated 9/2/14]

Current Courses from American Studies:

Current Courses from American Studies
Course Number Course Name
AMST:1030/45:30   Introduction to African American Culture
AMST:1049/45:49  Introduction to American Indian and Native Studies
AMST:1060/45:60 Sex and Popular Culture in the Postwar U.S.
AMST:1154/45:50 Food in America
AMST:2085/45:85 Native American Material Culture
AMST:2165/45:105 Native Peoples of North America
AMST:3045/45:145 Immigration and American Culture
AMST:3050/45:150 Topics in American Cultural Studies (when topic is Black Popular Culture)
AMST:3051/45:151 The Office: Business Life in America
AMST:3053/45:153  The Civil Rights Movement
AMST:3060/45:160 Metropolis: Cities in American Culture
AMST:3135/45:135 The Social Construction of Whiteness
AMST:3148/45:148 American Monuments
AMST:3400/45:102 Black Popular Music
SPST:1074/28:74 Inequality in American Sport
SPST:2078/28:78  Women, Sport, and Culture
SPST:2079/28:79 Race and Ethnicity in Sport

Current Courses from Other Departments:

Current Courses from Other Departments
Course Number Course Name
AFAM:1010/129:062 Foundations of African American Studies
AFAM:1030/129:060 Introduction to African American Society
AFAM:3459/129:116 African American Literature Before 1900
AFAM:3460/129:117 African American Lit. After 1900
AFAM:3900/129:140 Topics in African American Studies
AFAM:4500/129:183   Black Feminist Tradition and Culture
AINS:1355/149:005 Literatures of Native American Peoples
AINS:2078/149:082 American Indian Women: Myth Ritual and Sacred Power
AINS:2700/149:060 Sacred World of Native Americans
AINS:3276/149:076 American Indian Environmentalism
AINS:3441/149:113 Native American Literature
AINS:4560/149:158 Native American Women & Religious Change
ANTH:4140/113:133 The Anthropology of Women’s Health
ARTH:3130/1H:104 American Indian Art
CINE:1625/48:52    Gender and Film
COMM:2041/36:41 Gender Roles and Communication
COMM:2075/36:75 Gender, Sexuality, and Media
COMM:2076/36:76 Race Ethnicity and Media
DANC:2060/137:080 Dance and Society in Global Contexts
ENGL:1345/8G:09 American Lives
ENGL:1355/8G:05  Literatures of Native American Peoples
ENGL:1350/8G:011 Literature and Sexualities
ENGL:2193/8:52 Literature, Culture and Women
ENGL:2463/8:83 Topics in African American Literature
ENGL:2465/8:69 Selected African American Authors
ENGL:2475/8:86 Topics in Asian American Literature
ENGL:2560/8:84 Topics in Culture and Identity
ENGL:3441/8:153 Native American Literature
ENGL:3444/8:115 Literatures of the American People
ENGL:3455/8:118 Jewish American Literature
ENGL:3465/8:137 African American Autobiography
ENGL:3535/8:133 Inter-American Studies
ENGL:4410/8:162 Midwest African American Lit & Culture
GWSS:1001/131:10 Introduction to Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies
GWSS:1002/131:55 Diversity & Power in the US
GWSS:3010/131:110 Transnational Sexualities in a Globalizing World
GWSS:3020/131:120 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Identities
GWSS:3200/131:151 Feminist Theory
GWSS:3300/131:142 Mothers and Motherhood
HIST:1040/16:40 Diversity in American History
HIST:2265/16A:65 Introduction to African American History
HIST:3002/16A:110 Intro to Amer Indian History & Policy
HIST:3211/16A:115  Native North American I: Pre-Contact-1789
HIST:3212/16A:116 Native North America II: 1789-Present
HIST:3254/16A:154  Sexuality in the U.S.
HIST:4201/16A:104 History of the American Deaf Community
HIST:4203/16A:106 Disability in American History
HIST:4216/16A:112 Mexican American History
HIST:4217/16A:113  Latina/o Immigration
HIST:4221/16A:132 Frontier in American Hist 1840-Present
HIST:4241/16A:122 Varieties of American Religion
HIST:4250/16A:141 Work and Society in Industrializing America
HIST:4254/16A:146 Immigrant America 1845-1925
HIST:4275/16A:147 History of Slavery in the U.S.A.
HIST:4280/16A:171 Women and Power in U.S. History Through the Civil War
HIST:4295/16A:187 African American History 1619-1865
JMC:3165/19:165 African Americans and the Media
JMC:3175/19:167 Gender and Mass Media
POLI:3104/30:108 Immigration Politics
POLI:3105/30:112 Minority Representation in American Politics
POLI:3106/30:114 Racism and Politics in the U.S.
POLI:3114/30:107 Women and Politics in the United States
RELS:1350/32:34 Intro. to African American Religions
RELS:2700/32:60 Sacred World of Native Americans
RELS:2730/32:63 African American Islam
RELS:2980/32:080 Religion & Contemporary Popular Culture (Subtitle: Religion in Iowa City)
RELS:3745/32:126 20th Cen. African American Religion: Civil Rights to Hip Hop
RELS:4560/32:158 Native American Women and Religious Change
SOC:1310/34:18 Gender and Society
SOC:2810/34:66 Social Inequality
SOC:3830/34:155 Race and Ethnicity
SOC:4540/34:126 Social Movements in the U.S.
SOC:4820/34:135 Sociology of Sexuality
SPAN:3440/35:135 Topics in Latino/a Literature & Culture
SPAN:4820/35:174 Latino/a Popular Culture
THTR:1401/49:03 Theatre and Society: Romantics and Rebels
THTR:3410/49:190 African American Theater I
THTR:3411/49:191 African American Theater II
THTR:3415/49:185  Cultural Diversity and Identity