American Studies Undergraduate Requirements

The B.A. program in American Studies provides the opportunity to develop both broad training in cultural analysis and emphasis of particular interests within the study of American culture. Shortly after declaring the major, a student should contact his or her faculty advisor to explore what course work is available and to begin shaping an individual plan of study.

To change your major to American Studies, contact the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Programs and Student Development office, 120 Schaeffer Hall, (319) 335-2633.

Course Requirements (effective Fall 2019)

The major normally consists of 33 s.h. of coursework (11 courses). By the student’s second term in the major, the student and adviser should have agreed upon a plan of study for completing the major requirements:

  • AMST:1010 Understanding American Cultures
  • AMST:2000 Introduction to American Studies
  • AMST:2025 Diversity in American Culture
  • AMST:3900 Seminar in American Cultural Studies
  • One additional American Studies course numbered 2000 or above
  • One additional American Studies course numbered 3000 or above
  • Five additional American Studies courses

Honors students may also receive credit toward the major for preparation of a senior honor’s thesis in American Studies.

At least 24 semester hours of the major must be earned at the University of Iowa.

For more information, contact:

American Studies Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Professor Stephen Warren
707 Jefferson Buildling
Iowa City, IA 52242

Laura Kastens (department administrator)
210 Jefferson Building
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-0320