Katie Walden

Katie Walden
Research Interests: 
Digital Humanities, Public Humanities, Archives; Baseball and American popular culture; Race/Ethnicity and Gender; Sound Studies

Katherine is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the American Studies-Sport Studies program and is also pursuing a MLIS with a Certificate in Public Digital Humanities.

After two years teaching a self-designed Rhetoric of Sport curriculum, she received an Outstanding Teaching Award in Spring 2017 from the University of Iowa’s Council on Teaching.

Originally from St. Louis, she received her BM in Musical Arts from Vanderbilt University (and now considers herself a recovering classical pianist and violist) and an MA in American Studies-Sport Studies at the University of Iowa.

Professional Experience: library research, reference, archives, curriculum development, teaching, non-profits, grant writing, campus recreation, aquatics, community recreation, sports writing, fundraising, database management

Specific internships:

  • C. Pauline Spencer Fellowship (Iowa Women’s Archives, Fall 2017-Spring 2018)
  • Junior Fellowship, Baseball Music Bibliography Project (Library of Congress, Summer 2017)
  • Library Research (National Baseball Hall of Fame, Summer 2016)
  • Development (Nashville Symphony, Fall 2013)
  • Education and Community Engagement (Nashville Symphony, Summer 2011)

Personal website: https://kwaldenpond.wordpress.com

Research Interests: 

  • Digital Humanities, Public Humanities, Archives
  • Baseball and American popular culture (minor league and globalization, community identity, sport fan communities)
  • Race/Ethnicity and Gender
  • Sound Studies (sport and music intersections, popular music and music tourism)