Catriona (Tina) Parratt

Catriona Parratt
Associate Professor of American Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Sport Studies
Ph.D. The Ohio State University (1994, Physical Education)
720 Jefferson Building
(319) 335-9339
Research Interests: 
History of sport and leisure; diversity and sport; sport historiography

I am a third generation migrant from the Isle of Skye and first generation migrant to Iowa City, with various way stations en route which are reflected in my academic history: BA, University of Birmingham, England; Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Carnegie College, Leeds, England; MHK, University of Windsor, Canada; PhD, The Ohio State University.  My research and teaching interests are in the history of sport and leisure, with a particular focus on class, gender, ethnicity and race and, most recently on the flows and exchanges – of people, practices, institutions, and cultural products – between the Scottish Highlands and the Americas.   Currently I am working on a cultural and social history that examines land use politics and hunting on Skye during the Great War era.

Recent Courses:

  • 028:029:002 (SPST:1000:0002) First-Year Seminar, Scotland the Brave: Ways of Being, Ways of Seeing the People and the Place
  • 028:176 (SPST:3176:0SCA) Sport and Nationalism
  • 028:178 (SPST:3178:0001) History of Sport in the US to 1900
  • 028:177 (SPST:3177:0001) Western World Sport: Greeks to Present
  • 028:278 (SPST: 6078:0001) Seminar Women in Sport
  • 028:28:374 (SPST:6074:0001) Seminar in Sport History


President of the North American Society of Sport History