College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
August 2005


The Dean's Advisory Board shall serve the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of Iowa by:

  1. providing counsel on issues raised by the Dean;
  2. at the Dean's request, undertaking projects that will benefit the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences;
  3. undertaking projects agreed to by a majority of Board Members present at any Board Meeting and approved by the Dean;
  4. acting as a sounding board or research arm of the Dean on issues of interest to the Dean;
  5. calling the Dean's attention to materials Board Members might become aware of which are related to subjects considered by the Board at its meetings or which Board Members believe might be of interest to the Dean;
  6. assisting the Dean in making and maintaining contacts with Liberal Arts & Sciences alumni;
  7. assisting the Dean and the College in fund-raising activities on behalf of the University.

Each Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences shall determine whether to maintain an Advisory Board and, should a Dean not wish to convoke an Advisory Board during that Dean's tenure, the existing Board shall be dissolved by letter to each Board Member.


  1. Membership in the Dean's Advisory Board shall be by invitation of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, who may elect to act on recommendations made by individual Members. Membership shall be for an initial term of three (3) years, which may be extended for up to three (3) additional years per extension at the discretion of the Dean and with a Member's concurrence. A Member may resign at any time by tendering a written resignation to the Dean. The Dean may, at any time and for any reason, request that any Member relinquish a seat on the Board.
  2. Membership on the Board shall reflect, insofar as is practical, the diversity of Liberal Arts & Sciences students and alumni.
  3. The size of the Board shall be determined solely by the Dean and be consistent with the Dean's objectives for the Board and the Board's workload. Initial membership shall be approximately twenty (20) College of Liberal Arts & Sciences alumni. Thereafter, the number of Board members shall be determined by the Dean through invitation to alumni or such other persons as the Dean may wish to add to the Board, including ex officio members.


  1. The Dean will organize the Board in any manner consistent with his/her needs. The Chair will, at the Dean's request, assist the Dean with preparations for Board meetings, assist the Dean in interaction with other Board Members, update the Dean on committee progress, or assist in any capacity that the Dean wishes.
  2. At the Annual Board Meeting coincident with expiration of the initial Chair's term, the Dean, at her discretion, will appoint a new Chair. The Dean's appointment may be any Member or an Absent Member.
  3. The Chair and Vice Chair will serve concurrent three-year terms, at the expiration of which the Vice Chair will assume the title and responsibilities of the Chair and a new Vice Chair, appointed by the Dean, will serve for a term of three years before advancing to become the Chair.
  4. The Vice Chair will stand in for the Chair when the Chair is unable to be present and undertake such other duties as assigned by the Dean or the Chair.
  5. The Dean alone, or the Membership subject to the approval of the Dean and a majority of attendees at the Annual Board Meeting, shall establish committees of the Board and appoint Committee Chairs to undertake aspects of the Board's business. Committees that may be formed include, but are not limited to: Alumni Relations, Outreach/Advocacy, and Student Development. Each committee, through its Chair, shall report progress toward its objectives at the Annual Board Meeting and at other intervals as requested by the Dean.
  6. The then current Dean may establish any organizational framework for the Advisory Board as he/she deems necessary to carry out the Dean's objectives. No Dean need rely on the structure of a predecessor's Board and may modify the Board or these Bylaws in any way to meet current needs.


  1. The Annual Board Meeting shall be held in the Fall of each year on a date selected by the Dean. Additional meetings of the Board may be called at any time by the Dean. These meetings shall be termed Special Meetings.
  2. The Dean shall convene the meeting, act as Chair of the meeting, and adjourn the meeting.
  3. The Dean will provide a secretary for the duration of the meeting who will take notes so that a meeting summary may be accurately prepared. A transcription of the notes will be made available to the Dean and to the Chair.
  4. After each Annual Board Meeting, a brief written summary of the meeting will be distributed to each Board Member. Anticipated completion dates for committee projects shall be included in the summary. The summary will be prepared and distributed by the Chair of the Advisory Board or the Dean, at the Dean's option.
  5. Approximately midway through the interval between consecutive Annual Board Meetings, a short written report will be distributed to each Board Member indicating progress made on each project undertaken by the Board. This mid-term report will be prepared and distributed by the Chair of the Advisory Board or the Dean, at the Dean's option.
  6. Each committee chair will present a concise report to the membership at the Annual Board Meeting summarizing progress and results on committee projects continuing from prior Annual Board Meetings.
  7. The Dean may, at his/her sole discretion, invite non-Board Members to attend the Annual Board Meeting for any purpose whatsoever.


Please e-mail Lisa Gray with any comments or questions.