Mission Statement

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of Iowa prepares students to be knowledgeable, engaged citizens who respond creatively and flexibly to the challenges of a diverse and changing world. The College advances scholarly and creative endeavors through the study of all aspects of human experience and behavior, as well as the properties and behavior of the world around us. Faculty and staff use this research and creative activity to enhance undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, and to engage with the people of Iowa, the nation, and the world. The College conducts its activities in, and serves as a model for, a culturally diverse, technologically advanced, and globally conscious community.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is driven by our core values and commitments. We aspire to foster and then build on a foundation of community, transparency, communication, equity, diversity, creativity, excellence, and humility. Our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan works to regard all of these values as intimately connected and inseparable across these pillars.