College Faculty, 1900–1901

In 1900–01, "departments," as we know them today, did not yet exist, nor did the departmental "major." The University Bulletin for 1900–01 lists professors in 19 disciplinary areas—one professor per area, except in Greek, where there were two professors. Some areas had assistant professors, bringing the professorial faculty to 28, two of whom were women.

These faculty are listed in the order that their areas of instruction and courses were listed in the 1900–01 Bulletin. Three of these individuals served as dean of the College, and five campus buildings bear the names of faculty listed below:

Animal Morphology and Physiology

Professor Gilbert Houser


Professor Thomas Macbride
Assistant Professor Bohumil Shimek


Professor Launcelot Andrews

Civil Engineering

Professor Alfred Sims
Assistant Professor Charles Magowen


Professor Clark Ansley
Assistant Professor Alice Young

French Language and Literature

Professor Frederic Van Steenderen


Professor Samuel Calvin

German Language and Literature

Professor Charles Wilson

Greek Language and Literature

Professor Arthur Fairbanks
Professor Leona Call


Professor William Wilcox

Latin Language and Literature

Professor Amos Currier
Assistant Professor Franklin Potter


Professor Laenas Weld
Assistant Professor Arthur Smith


Professor Joseph McConnell
Assistant Professor Frederic Bolton


Professor George Patrick
Assistant Professor Carl Seashore


Professor Andrew Veblen

Political Science

Professor Benjamin Shambaugh

Public Speaking

Professor Henry Gordon

Sociology and Political Philosophy

Professor Isaac Loos


Professor Charles Nutting
Assistant Professor Henry Wickham