On-Campus Tutoring Resources

The University of Iowa offers many opportunities for group and individualized tutoring. Some sessions are held in the Pomerantz Career Center, some in the dorms, and others in centers supported by various CLAS departments. See the complete list of tutoring resources below.

Astronomy Tutorial Lab – 310 VAN

Center for Diversity and Enrichment – 24 PH, 335-3555

Chemistry Center – E225 CB, 335-1341

  • Maintains a list of tutors for hire

Computer Science – Approved Tutors

History Teaching and Writing Center – 303 SH, 335-2584

  • Provides assistance to undergraduate students with writing assignments for history classes

Language Media Center – 120 PH, 335-2331

  • Provides students with facilities and services for traditional language laboratory work as well as for foreign language video and computer-based activities

Math Tutorial Lab – 125 MLH, 335-0810

  • Individual and drop in tutoring for students enrolled in MATH:0100 (22M:001) – MATH:2550 (22M:033)

Physics Tutorial Lab – 310 VAN

  • Provides assistance to students enrolled in physics classes

Residence Life Tutoring Progam

  • A weekly schedule is posted online
  • Bring your syllabus and class assignments

School of Journalism & Mass Communication Resource Center – E350 AJB, 319-335-0510

  • Writing Assistance with Journalism writing assignments.

Spanish Writing Center – 303 Phillips Hall

  • Make a 30-minute appointment on the sign-up sheet on the door of 303 Phillips for the current week or the upcoming week for assistance in many upper-level Spanish classes.

Speaking Center – 412 EPB, 335-0205

  • Provides individual instruction to improve speaking skills
  • Free of charge
  • Assistance provided on a first-come, first-serve basis

Statistics Tutorial Lab – 202 CC, 335-2970

  • Provides free tutoring for students enrolled in STAT:1010 (22S:002), STAT:1030 (22S:008), STAT:1020 (22S:025)/ PSQF:1020 (7P:025), STAT:2020 (22S:039), and other introductory statistics courses

SWAT – Study, Workshops and Tutoring – 310 Calvin Hall, 335-1733

  • Open for tutoring and supplemental instruction Sunday – Thursday
  • Sessions are free, drop-in, group tutoring
  • Students should bring their student ID and course notes to check-in
  • Makes available to students listings of upper-level or graduate students who are qualified tutors in various academic areas
  • Free weekly workshops to promote academic success

TRiO Student Support Services – 18 PH, 335-1288

  • Provides free tutoring for qualified students

Tutor Iowa – 310 Calvin Hall, 335-1733

  • Searchable tutor referal service
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) and tutoring are offered for a variety of courses.

WISE Tutoring – 3rd Floor Stanley Hall

  • Provides tutoring in math/science/eng for WISE members

The Writing Center – 110 EPB, 335-0188

  • Provides individual instruction to improve writing skills
  • Free of charge
  • Assistance provided on a first-come, first-served basis