Policy Governing Undergraduate and Professional Students Enrolled in Courses Outside Their Own College or Degree

Please refer to the URLs listed below concerning undergraduate and professional students who take courses outside their own college or academic credential program. The policy covers majors, minors, and certificates. It applies both to cross-enrollment (in which students are enrolled directly in courses outside their own colleges) and to enrollment in cross-listed courses (which carry course numbers from two or more different colleges). Graduate students are governed by the policies of the Graduate College no matter what college offers the courses in which they are enrolled.

The document at http://www.uiowa.edu/~provost/deos/crossenroll.doc summarizes and clarifies the body of existing policy on cross-enrollment and cross-listed courses. In a nutshell, it divides academic policies affecting students into two types and indicates for each policy type whether the college offering the course or the student's own college will govern in the event of a problem or conflict.

The document at http://www.uiowa.edu/~provost/deos/examples.pdf presents some mini-cases based on actual events at UI that illustrate how the policy is applied.

Faculty should include a notice in the syllabus that course policies are governed by the "College of ---." For cross- listed courses, such a notice must also appear in the course detail description on ISIS including that (1) the course is cross-listed, (2) what the cross-listed numbers are, and (3) that course policies are governed by the rules of the "College of ---." Faculty who teach students from other colleges are encouraged to be explicit in the syllabus about collegiate policies that may be unfamiliar to outside students.