The Iowa faculty includes distinguished scholars in all the main fields of our discipline. They serve on professional boards of national and international significance. They have published many important research papers and monographs. And many have been awarded prizes for teaching excellence. As a group, the Political Science faculty is among the most highly ranked in the University.

Department Chair & Administrator


American Politics
Name Title Office Email
Frederick J. Boehmke Professor, Director of Graduate Studies 308 SH

G.R. Boynton Professor 340 SH

Cary R. Covington Associate Professor 305 SH

Douglas Dion Associate Professor 351 SH

Timothy M. Hagle Associate Professor 347 SH

Jim Leach Visiting Professor 359 SH

Kyle Mattes Assistant Professor 342 SH

Tracy Osborn Associate Professor 375 SH

Julianna Pacheco Assistant Professor 326 SH

Tom W. Rice Professor 359 SH

Rene Rocha Associate Professor 314 SH

Kelly Shaw Des Moines Internship Program Des Moines

Caroline J. Tolbert Professor 321 SH

Armando Zavaleta Visiting Assistant Professor N/A

Comparative Politics
Name Title Office Email
Vicki Hesli Claypool Professor 309 SH

Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen Lecturer 338 SH

William M. Reisinger Professor 317 SH

Frederick Solt Assistant Professor 324 SH

Wenfang Tang Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and C. Maxwell and Elizabeth M. Stanley Family and Hua Hsia Chair of Chinese Culture and Institutions 371 SH

International Relations
Name Title Office Email
John A.C. Conybeare Professor 363 SH

Nicholas Grossman Lecturer 369 SH

Kelly M. Kadera Associate Professor 373 SH

Brian Lai Associate Professor 319 SH

Sara Mitchell Department Chair & Professor 307 SH

Alyssa Prorok Assistant Professor 311 SH

Political Theory
Name Title Office Email
Paul Gowder Associate Professor of Law 407 BLB

John S. Nelson Professor 331 SH