International Studies

ISBA fashion showThe International Studies B.A. is a multidisciplinary program of study that allows students to explore opportunities in the humanities and social sciences from such disciplines as history, anthropology, religious studies, economics, global health, political science, geography, world languages, the arts and art history. The degree prepares students for careers in business, government, international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic agencies and the arts.

The International Studies minor requires 15 s.h. of courses approved for the International Studies major.

International Studies covers more than the study of diplomacy and relations among states. This program of study requires all students to integrate theoretical knowledge about broad global processes and the methods used to study them with in-depth examination of a particular region of the world or a major theme in international studies. It affords students the opportunity to integrate the study of history, economics, politics and the arts with analysis of cultural practices, beliefs and social systems. The curriculum of the major is designed so that students will learn to appreciate and understand world cultures, focus on themes of global significance and distinguish between the varied disciplinary approaches employed to study international issues.

Students direct aspects of their own studies by choosing an International Studies track, world language and program option according to their individual interests. For students wishing to double major, International Studies is an ideal complement to a wide range of academic degree programs. Many students combine their International Studies major with other majora, such as world languages, business, journalism, anthropology, dance or the health sciences.

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