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Stephanie Jones-Rogers

Assistant Professor
Nineteenth Century African-American and American History
Nineteenth Century United States Southern Women's History
History of Slavery in the United States
158 SH (420 JB)
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On Leave 2013/14 Academic Year
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Stephanie Jones-Rogers is an Assistant Professor of U.S. Women's History at the University of Iowa and holds a joint appointment in the departments of History and Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies.

She completed her doctoral coursework in the African American History program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She earned her M.A. in United States History from Rutgers-Newark and her B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers-Livingston College.

She is interested in articulations of racialized and gendered power in slavery, emancipation, and Reconstruction. Her dissertation examines the ways in which white slaveowning women navigated the new economic and juridical terrain of the post-revolutionary South, the social and ideological implications of slaveownership for white women in the antebellum era, and their economic investment in the perpetuation of chattel slavery. Her project also interrogates the ways that enslaved people conceptualized white slaveowning women's role in their bondage and how they came to understand their female owners' economic investment in the peculiar institution.

  • GWSS:1001 (131:010) Introduction to Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies
  • HIST:2265/AFAM:2265  (16A:065/129:065) Introduction to African American History
  • GWSS:3050 (131:150) Topics in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies