The University of Iowa


Name Title Area Email
Douglas Baynton Associate Professor American Cultural History, History of Disability, American Sign Language

Mériam Belli Assistant Professor History of the Modern Middle East

Constance H. Berman Professor Medieval Social, Economic, Religious, and Women's History (France and Italy)

Shuang Chen Assistant Professor Chinese History

Jeffrey L. Cox Professor British Social, Imperial, and Religious History

Mariola Espinosa Associate Professor Public Health and Medicine, Empire & Caribbean

Thomas P. Gallanis Professor of Law Legal History of England and Continental Europe

James L. Giblin Professor African History

Michel Gobat Associate Professor Modern Latin America, Central America, United States-Latin American Relations

Colin Gordon Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies 20th Century U.S. History

Paul R. Greenough Professor History of Modern India, Environmental and Global Health History

Elizabeth Heineman Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Modern Germany & Europe Women, Gender, & Sexuality

Michaela Hoenicke Moore Associate Professor United States in the World , International Relations, Modern European & U.S. History

Stephanie Jones-Rogers Assistant Professor Nineteenth Century African-American and American History, Nineteenth Century United States Southern Women's History, History of Slavery in the United States

Kathleen Kamerick Lecturer Medieval & Early Modern European History, History of the Book, Women's History

Catherine Komisaruk Associate Professor Latin America

Raymond A. Mentzer Professor of Religious Studies Reformation Studies, Early Modern European Religious History

Tom Arne Midtrød Assistant Professor Early North America

Michael E. Moore Associate Professor Medieval and European History

Rosemary Moore Lecturer Ancient History

Alyssa Park Assistant Professor Modern Korean History

H. Glenn Penny Associate Professor Modern European History, Modern Germany, Colonialism and Empire, History of Anthropology

R. Tyler Priest Associate Professor of History and Geography, Twentieth Century U.S. History,, Energy/Environmental History,, Global History,, History of Business & Technology,, Public History

Jacki Thompson Rand Associate Professor Native North America

Leslie A. Schwalm Professor Slavery, Civil War, & Reconstruction, Women's & African-American History, Southern History, 19th Century U.S. History

Jennifer Sessions Associate Professor of History and Director, Crossing Borders Program Modern France, , European Empires, , Cultural History

Landon Storrs Associate Professor Twentieth-Century U.S. Social and Political History

Katherine H. Tachau Professor Medieval Intellectual History, History of Science, Medieval Universities, Latin Paleography, History of Medieval Manuscript Book

Omar Valerio-Jiménez Associate Professor Latina/o, Borderlands, 19th-century U.S., & American West

Stephen Vlastos Professor and Chair Modern Japanese History